Webex Room Kit against Webex Room Kit Plus

Webex Room Kit against Webex Room Kit Plus

The industry today has various video solutions. It is crucial to comprehend your needs first before making a decision. For example, there are some questions you need to ask. What is the drive of the room? Is it for many purposes or only for sharing content and video? Reviewing your needs as a user would help choose the right video collaboration platform.

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Why should you choose a Room Kit?

Today video systems have advanced thanks to the technological development. You can now use different hardware and software to allow for remote connection. Cisco is a firm that has excelled in the expansion of traditional hardware. The improvement has enabled devices based on software to join in one meeting. The company released Webex Room Kit and Webex Room Kit Plus and they have been popular.

Choosing a Room Kit vs. Room Kit plus

One of the main things to consider when choosing a Room Kit or Room Kit plus is the number of people. The Room Kit is made for a medium or a small room of around seven people. It has features like a microphone, speakers and a camera. You should consider the Room Kit plus if the room is large hosting around fourteen people.

Webex Room Kit plus vs. Room kit

The room kit may be mounted on either one or two TVs. You need a smaller room for the best experience. The mounting of the TV’s starts low and begins some inches above the height of the table. Mounting in large rooms is higher because the people in the back need seeing everything from the display TV without being obstructed.

The HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) integration is an excellent feature of the Room Kit. If video input is switched to another input, it detects automatically and sets it back to the source. The convenience is great. If the video unit is in use, the CEC integration activates the TV.

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