Top Cyber Security Trends for 2019


As hackers become more and more sophisticated, so does the need for increased cyber security prevention methods. The year 2019 will show us that just as attacks are becoming more refined, so are the technologies and industries that defend against them. In this article, we will outline two hacking methods that are becoming increasingly popular, as well as two trends in cyber security prevention.

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The Hackers

Offshore Call Centers -Just as many legitimate industries have moved their call centers overseas, so have sophisticated hacker teams. Some criminals have begun to set up call centers in countries where cyber impersonation is barely a crime. Fraudulent dating sites are one such example that take advantage of minimal cyber laws in other nations.

Data Manipulation – In the past, hackers seemed to focus mainly on stealing data from legitimate sources. Now that is changing to where some hackers prefer to manipulate data rather than steal it. Destroying the integrity of vital data essentially destroys the reputation of a company along with its ability to function, bringing about an even worse mess for security teams to clean up than if the data had simply been copied and stolen.

The Data Defenders

Demand for Security Skills – As hackers use more sophisticated phishing methods such as whaling which sometimes takes months to put into place, along with other schemes that employ additional tactics such as the fraudulent call centers, it’s clear that 2019 and beyond will see an increase in the demand for technology professionals who have comprehensive cyber security skills.

A New Field – All of those who are skilled in detecting hacks and scams, and who are also responsible for protecting the privacy and integrity of corporate data will likely soon report to someone in a newly created position. More and more companies are in essence, unofficially creating a new field by hiring or promoting someone to be their new CCO, or chief cybercrime officer. Just as in years past when the introduction of CIOs (chief information officers) legitimized technology’s integral role in a company’s day-to-day operations, so the introduction of CCOs will show that companies are serious about protecting their information.

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