Office relocation – 5 Things You Need to Know Before Moving an Office


Moving an Office is by no means an easy task.  Often when Admin personnel are in charge and IT is overlooked, thats where the headaches begin.  As easy as it may seem moving funiture, chairs & boxes, there are some significant technology elements that can not be overlooked otherwise, disaster is waiting to happen.

Too often, a business is suspended because key IT elements were overlooked.  Below are 5 Key Things you need to know before any Office Move:

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 1. Managing Telecom Services

This is ultimately the most important aspect of the move which is often overlooked by both IT and Admin Managers.  Without any data & voices connectivity in an office, the business operation stops.   One thing for sure, the Internet / Telecom Service Providers “Does Not” work in accordance with your timeframe and often lead time for circuit ordering and relocating is much more than anticipated.  Please plan ahead.

 2. Knowing your IT Move Schedule

The exact date to move is often determined by senior management and often without key inputs from IT.  The company must align with the technology personnel beforehand so what management thinks or plans can actually be done.  Depending on the size of the company, the move may be in phases with different teams prioritizing over others is what need to be thought out carefully from a technology perspective before committing a date.

3. Planning of Network Cabling

The planning of network cabling for the new office is also very important.  Often data port locations are overlooked and it will be very difficult if not impossible to install back the missing cables especially after all the renovation work is completed, ceiling and walls finished, etc…  And to do this after renovation would be very costly as well.

4. Sizing of Server Room

It is important to make sure that Server Room space allocated in the new office area will be sufficient to accommodate the existing equipment.  And sometime, additional space may be required to accommodate new additional / technology equipment to support the business needs.  To have sufficient space for existing and future business needs is crucial.

5. Knowing your Building Management

The building management needs to be managed and coordinated for any office moves as many of their “red-tapes” can often affects or delays any office moves.  Whether entering or leaving a building or premises, logistics arrangements including vehicles registration, movers name list, and booking of cargo lifts all can caused delays to a move if not coordinated.  At sometimes even at design submission, building management can take an extensive amount of time for approval before being able to start construction work.

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