An In-Depth Look At The Mersive Solstice Pod

mersive-solstice-device-images-1In a previous post, we have showcased the Mersive Solstice Pod and its amazing versatility for sharing media to a meeting room. Users are able to use their laptops or mobile devices over a wifi or Ethernet network to share content to a room quickly and easily. We are going to see it in a more in-depth way today.

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An incredibly easy device to use, all Solstice Enterprise Edition Pods on a network are centrally managed using the Solstice Dashboard for Enterprise Edition. Desktops can be shared with “synchronous audio, application windows, videos, images and mirror mobile device screens to the display.” There is no limitation on what can be presented and how, and each source consists of a live video stream on the display that is being updated in real-time.

The solution is designed to enable a number of users to connect, share, and control content instantaneously. Moreover, the Pod’s built-in network cards for both wired and wireless are able to support collaboration across separate networks such as guest and corporate. This is absolutely vital as wireless presentations and collaborations have become the norm across offices, and it is essential to have a solution in place that can keep up with a business as it scales and grows.

What are the benefits?

The Bring-Your-Own-Device support is one of its biggest differentiation, as it mitigates the issue of different devices and wireless presentation challenges that tend to occur. The Pod deploys client software to computers automatically, without the need for external Internet connections or admin privileges – making it a seamless solution.

The device allows for any kind of wireless presentation, another major benefit. The Solstice Pod allows users to connect and share any kind of visual media and content. Rather than conforming presentations to certain files and formats, users are given the flexibility and ease to present however they see fit. There is also a moderator mode present to allow leader(s) to accept and reject incoming user connections as well as preview and approve media before displaying it.

There is no limit to the number of users that can share media on the display, and jumping in to present is simply done with a click of a button. The layout is designed for ease of use and to reduce any confusion by tiling sources on the screen automatically for side-by-side viewing. However, if that option does not seem to work, custom layouts are always available.

The Mersive Solstice Pod offers these benefits as well as a simple control system, increased security protocols such as the Enterprise Display Discovery, Encryption, and Management Dashboard and an easy installation process. The Mersive Solstice Pod is an essential component of the office technology landscape for these very reasons. Not many solutions are able to seamlessly blend ease of use, convenience, and innovative technology into one product but Mersive Solstice Pod offers that and more for its users.

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