How Polycom Trio 8800 Creates Successful Team Collaboration

Polycom-RealPresence-Trio-8800-Collaboration-KitNo matter what the business may be, high-quality collaboration between all key performers involved is absolutely critical. With the right system in place for team members to collaborate smoothly and efficiently, every milestone can be met while maximizing team’s best collective strengths and minimizing the margin of error.

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In a post on collaboration statistics, Bit.Ai reported findings from a study at Queens University of College showing that 75% of all employers find teamwork to be a highly crucial elemtecent for success; this popular emphasis on teamwork is extremely well-informed with the current state of an increasingly scattered global workforce. Small Business Trends reported findings from a remote work survey carried out by AND CO and Remote Year. The survey showed that in 2018, over half of all remote workers telecommuted full-time.

As the remote worker trend continues move in an increasingly telecommunication-centric direction, the value of powerful resources to keep long-distance collaboration consistently strong has only grown higher. Polycom’s RealPresence Trio 8800 is one such resource under this workplace trends that has risen up with the right value to meet this growing need. The specific ways that the Trio 8800 can take team collaboration up to the next level at a distance include the following:

Clear and Versatile Conference Call Conduction

In simple terms, the Trio 8800 is a sophisticated teleconference tool. It serves as a communication bridge between agencies and distant offices or remote employees, whether the agency is on the larger or smaller side. The tool features both voice over IP speakerphone (VoIP) technology for strictly verbal conferences and video streaming power that can work for whiteboard presentations. Along with its 20-foot microphone audio pickup range, the Trio preserves sound quality with constant background noise suppression.

Streamlined Interface Control and Platform Compatibility

Each of the Trio 8800’s features can be controlled and toggled through a simple touch screen interface. Only a single button tap is needed to commence meetings on the schedule. In addition to being able to connect with up to three separate platforms at a time, the Polycom Trio 8800 can also be integrated with other server directory-linked enterprise software products to import pre-established contact lists.


In summary, Polycom’s RealPresence Trio 8800 can boost team collaboration power by:

  • Preserving conference call sound quality and minimizing audio disturbances
  • Supporting both strictly voice-held conferences and video conferences for whiteboard presentations
  • A simple yet comprehensive touch screen interface for scheduling, starting and ending meetings
  • Multiple platform connection capability
  • Diverse enterprise directory software compatibility for contact list transferring

With the above features and more, the Trio 8800 can be highly valuable for boosting team synergy in a workforce that depends more heavily on remote workers than ever. With its comprehensive yet user-friendly friendly design this resource can help any agency with frequent remote operations cover its bases as smoothly and efficiency as possible.

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