3 Advantages of Smart Booths in the Workplace

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In the last two years, office design has seen some incredible innovations. We are now acutely more aware of how we use space in the workplace. While an ergonomic space has always been elegant, now inefficiency is a major factor in our top talent’s choices of employers. To create a smooth hybrid workflow and welcome employees back to the office, efficient workplace design is key. This means private and sanitized spaces when privacy is needed and beautiful well-ventilated spaces for group and collaborative work.

This is where smart booths have made their debut. A smart booth is a neatly constructed enclosure of any size made from soundproof plexiglass panels that fit together in any office space. Your smart booths can be free-standing or built into a corner conference room. Each has a control panel on the door for exclusive, scheduled, and easily trackable access, and is designed to fit the cutting-edge needs of any modern office design.

Let’s dive into the three leading advantages of having smart booths in today’s workplace.

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1) A Flexible Solution to Office Space Anywhere

Smart booths can be constructed anywhere, without the need for a construction re-fit of your office space. Need three private booths for phone calls and quiet work? Need three conference rooms instead of the old open-plan space? No problem. Not only will your conference rooms have elegant glass walls in today’s minimalist office style, but they will also be soundproof and sanitizable between meetings to meet the needs of workplace design as it stands today.

Smart booths can also be deconstructed and rebuilt anywhere in the building. You can try out different office floorplans, provide private offices for the recently promoted, and provide a soundproof booth anywhere in the building. Then pick it up and move your smart booth whenever your needs change.

2) Simple to Schedule, Book, and Track

Smart booths aren’t just enclosures, they are portable smart offices complete with built-in booking and tracking. Many professionals are already familiar with the idea of booking a conference room or a private office when the need arises. Each smart booth has a built-in keypad that connects to integral booking software. Employees can set up a schedule, sign up for booth time, and know when a booth is occupied or about to be occupied based on the paired web app.

Business leaders can also track the schedule and access of each booth with a unique oversight in how the workplace is being used. This gives you an opportunity to see just how useful your current layout and workflow are to the team and how your smart booths are being used by groups and individuals as part of the daily work routine. If you choose to rearrange your smart booths, changes in access tracking can let you know if the new layout is more or less ergonomic than the last.

3) Soundproof Spaces of Any Size

Of course, we can’t understate the importance of flexible soundproof spaces. Noise pollution was once the primary distraction in even a well-designed office. Today, there’s no need for noise pollution to be a problem again. Smart booths can transform hot-desk and open workspace designs into quiet, efficient spaces where each employee has the mental space for optimum personal efficiency. Lively conferences and group meetings will no longer carry over into private offices and open workspaces. 

Employees can take both business and personal phone calls into a smart booth where conversations (perhaps with someone in a noisy environment) don’t disturb other coworkers. Likewise, if someone needs quiet, isolated time to focus on a project, they can book time in the soundproofed smart booth instead of sacrificing efficiency to office noise.

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Bonus: Conscientious Post-COVID Office Design

Last but not least, smart booths are also the ideal solution for employers who need a quick answer to on-site COVID safety. Many professionals are still concerned about returning to a workplace with team offices, hot-desking, and open-plan workspaces. With smart booths, not only can you schedule private time in an enclosed space, but you can also schedule cleaning in-between. You can adapt your booking protocols to ensure that cleaning is always scheduled between occupants. This will show your employees that you are conscientiously considering their need for safety in a shared workplace.

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Could your office or workplace benefit from flexible, soundproof booth technology? QUBIC has introduced this incredible technology available for your office design. Get in touch with us today to learn more about the smart booth solutions that suit your business needs.

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