3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs ClickShare Today


Whether your office is a large one or small, presentations and meetings are inevitable. Though the size of the group may vary, planning and executing presentations is often filled with many hassle and other considerations such as messy cables and awkward set-ups.

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For those who are interested in implementing the newest technologies and shortening the set-up process for presentations, ClickShare might be the right system for you. Here are three advantages of having ClickShare:

1) Flexible and nimble

One of the biggest advantages of Clickshare is the flexibility and nimbleness it allows for presentations. Rather than fuss around with awkward technologies and cables, Clickshare allows seamless presenting across various devices – whether it’s a button for your laptop, or an app for your phone, Clickshare has you covered.

2) Incredibly user-friendly

Clickshare’s seamlessness across devices is part of what makes it user-friendly, coupled with its design and simplicity make it a great choice. Clickshare allows users to share presentations with three steps: plug into a USB port, click the button to view the screen and then simply present! Even for those that struggle with wrangling technology, Clickshare is a great option.

3) Rave reviews

Clickshare’s testimonials are another way to gauge how great and reliable the product really is – especially since it comes from third parties who are able to verify these qualities. Clickshare consistently gets positive feedback from others. One user stated that Clickshare “raises the productivity of meetings” and has been of major use during their meeting.

These are just some of the reasons why Clickshare has become such a staple in offices as a primary presentation device. More information on the different devices Clickshare has available can be found here.


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