Benefit of Huddle Rooms for Better Working Efficiency

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Over the past decade, the move to open office spaces has resulted in increased communication, collaboration, and camaraderie. An innovative working environment with quality modern furniture encourages creative engagement between staff and productivity soars. Conference rooms are still a necessity, but scheduled use and the formal environment of a stark and professional room can be intimidating for employees. The solution?  Huddle rooms.

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Huddle rooms are more intimate than conference spaces. A huddle room offers a dynamic, flexible environment for 5-6 individuals to gather and work. Equipped with a central table, a brainstorming board (chalkboard, white board, or smart board) and conferencing equipment, the huddle room is fully outfitted to promote teamwork and efficiency. 

Consider these advantages when deciding whether to incorporate huddle rooms into your workspace:

Less formal

Conference rooms can seem vast and stark. And while this no-nonsense space is a vital part of the workplace, it can be intimidating for employees. Workers may be less likely to contribute and interact with the material at hand. In short, the conference room represents the end of a project while the huddle room aids in inception of the ideas.

More welcoming

Video conferencing in a bull pen space or a board room can leave remote participants feeling separate but of course more formal. However, if you want a more intimate feeling, the huddle room offers a perfect solution to this issue. In addition to limiting the participants of the meeting, those engaging from afar will not be overwhelmed by background noise, movement, or space. Distance workers and clients can engage with everyone at the table and won’t feel like they’re missing out on the tone of the room.

A better use of space 

The footprint of a huddle room is small. If you need to create more dynamic inspiration areas for the staff but are conscious of your square footage, adding a few huddle rooms might be the best solution. Placed conveniently at employee intersections, huddle rooms can be integrated into almost any existing work space without the need to add floor space.

Workers appreciate creative spaces and enjoy custom environments suited to their needs. Offering a well-equipped, albeit small, huddle room could boost morale as well as productivity. If you are considering the incorporation of huddles rooms at your offices, contact Komstadt Systems to assess your needs and outfit your space!

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