Polycom Video Conferencing Solutions for All Size Meeting Rooms

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Polycom is a company that offers many conferencing technologies for businesses. They can work with a business’s current technology and build a new, custom solution for a business based on its needs. The company can manage the system for a business and provide all the tools necessary as well as technical support. Many options are available for business meetings of all sizes.

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Conferencing technology for meetings

medialign solution

The video conferencing technology from Polycom has many options for large meetings with remote participants. In their RealPresence series of products, for example, The Medialign Solution offers an all-in-one, simple, touch-screen based system with built-in cameras and microphones.

The RealPresence Group Series offers easy sharing of high-quality visuals in addition to advanced video displays that frame speakers ideally during a meeting. The sophisticated audio technology minimizes distracting sounds and provides a high-quality listening experience.

Conferencing technology for small meetings and huddle rooms


A small meeting or a huddle room needs a setup different from what a larger meeting needs. The RealPresence Debut is a self-contained system intended for a small group of people. It is a box that sits on top of a display. Simple connections and setup eliminate complications and messy wires. The technology is enterprise-grade while remaining easy to use. Collaboration is simple to do on computers and mobile devices.


The RealPresence Group Convene is an add-on to the Group Series that helps customize the conferencing experience for small groups. It consists of an LCD display with HDMI input and a table stand that works with the EagleEye Acoustic Camera that is part of the Group Series.

Video conferencing solutions from Polycom give a business the opportunity to have better meetings in which remote participation is possible. High-quality video sharing and easy-to-use collaboration tools optimize the meeting experience.

If you want to know further information about Polycom RealPresence Series or how it can fit in your meeting rooms, please feel free to contact us!

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