Airtame Integrates with Microsoft Applications


If you have been looking for a platform that users can display any content from personal devices to shared screens, then this post is for you. What is Airtame? It is a simple and easy to use platform that is used for wireless presentations on any screen in a room. This platform was invented to help in the promotion of interactive and collaborative meetings. Airtame has significantly grown to higher degree levels in the market for offering high-quality HDMI devices for better wireless streaming. Airtame helps to customize backgrounds as well as web content. It’s wireless display makes many people choose it as one does not need to use a bunch of cables as used in multiple device types.

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Airtame integration with Microsoft applications

Suppose you’re wondering if Airtame integrates with Microsoft applications. Well, the answer is yes, Airtame is an open platform that offers a combination with other applications. Airtame cloud is a platform easily and comfortably integrate with Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365. Well, it also integrates with other technologies hence offering room for everyone to access the platform. Unlike the annoying TV screens found in most offices, projects dashboards and beautiful images can be presented by the help of Airtame through screens. Companies have taken advantage of the integration and have even gone to the extent of giving office updates on the screens where everyone can see.

Benefits of Airtame integration with Microsoft applications

• Airtame provides room for harnessing screens in organizations hence meeting overviews and videos are easily shared. This sharing creates a feeling of being at the same level for all employees, regardless of positions; consequently, anyone feels free to participate in meetings. The Airtame integration with Microsoft OneDrive aids engagement through digital signage.

• Airtame allows an organization to display the availability of meeting rooms at each time helping to avoid colliding of meetings that may cause commotion.


Airtame being able to integrate with the network infrastructure in your organization, then it becomes a better choice for high quality and friendly meeting rooms under the workplace trends. You only need to have devices with inbuilt WIFI chips for connection. Airtame also remains one of the best versatile platforms as it allows digital signage.

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