Revolutionize Your Meeting Experience with InstaRoom


In the fast-paced world of virtual meetings, having a unified solution that seamlessly integrates with popular platforms determines how much productivity gets done. That said, say goodbye to the inconvenience of switching between different platforms and welcome to InstaRoom—a game-changer in video conferencing.

Unlike traditional options like Teams Room or Zoom Room, InstaRoom offers a unified meeting room solution supporting Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex meetings in one intuitive and efficient panel platform. Stay on board to explore why this is a smart investment move.

Why Should You Use InstaRoom?

InstaRoom understands what a successful virtual meeting entails. We have narrowed down all the factors that make the initiative a success by applying the following:

  1. Bringing together all those fancy meeting platforms like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex and cramming them into one unified panel. Now, you don’t have to juggle between different platforms like some kind of virtual acrobat.
  2. InstaRoom saves time for  IT admins like you who are sick of playing tech support superheroes. With a single click, you can dive headfirst into your virtual meetings with no sweat.
  3. We offer managed services to take care of your setup, maintenance, and software updates. It’s like owning a personal assistant for your meetings.
  4. With InstaRoom, you can focus on more important tasks while enjoying the convenience of a one-click-to-join solution for all your meeting needs.
  5. As a small-to-mid-sized company seeking to enhance your virtual meeting experiences, our intuitive design, compatibility with various platforms, seamless integration with Outlook calendar, and customizable options make InstaRoom a successful solution.

What Should You Look for in InstaRoom?

InstaRoom sets the gold standard in meeting room solutions, providing you with a complete package. Alongside its unified power, we offer managed services for meeting room setup, hardware maintenance, and software updates. This way prevents your company from unannounced interruptions. You can experience:

  • Collaboration Booths: This is a cost-effective and flexible solution for organizations adapting to current workplace trends. It provides secure and peaceful workspaces for employees and clients to work together, have private meetings, and conduct video conferences.
  • Online Webinars: As a global company, our services allow you to launch interactive seminar broadcasts with the most popular or effective communication & presentation platform for your audiences. Easily access events and attend virtual meetings hosted on different platforms via InstaRoom.

What to Expect from InstaRoom

We offer an intuitive design that allows you to start and join video calls with a simple touch of a button. The InstaRoom seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex meetings. In this case, you can sync your meeting bookings with Outlook calendar, allowing you to see the host of the current and upcoming meetings directly on the InstaRoom.

When it comes to meeting room customization, we understand the impact it bears on every virtual meeting space organization. In that case, a well-customized room meets the specific needs of a team or organization. InstaRoom allows you to use features such as:

  • Customizable background allows you to choose a background that reflects your personality or brand.
  • Customizable logos and colors can help to create a more executive and polished look for your meeting.
  • Customizable meeting tools features such as whiteboards, polls, and surveys.
  • Customizable meeting settings features include meeting length, reminders, and permissions.
InstaRoom demo 1
InstaRoom Demo 2

Brace Yourself for InstaRoom’s Mind-Blowing Features

Now that you’ve glimpsed the extraordinary possibilities of InstaRoom, why wait any longer? Don’t be left out on the opportunity to revolutionize your meeting experience. Contact us to learn more about InstaRoom and discover how we can enhance your video conferencing capabilities.

Our sales experts are eagerly waiting to guide you through the wonders of InstaRoom. Elevate your video conferencing game like never before! Remember, greatness awaits those who dare to embrace it.

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