3 Key Office Design Trends For 2018


With 2018 fast approaching, this is the best time to evaluate our current office space and critically examine what we can improve for the next year.

With the constant evolution of technology, as well as changing employee needs, workplace design has now become an incredibly important component of highlighting the uniqueness of a company and its culture. Here are some key design trends that will see major popularity in the workplace this year:

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1. The Rise of a New Type of Work Area

There is far more innovation than ever before when it comes to how companies operate – so why wouldn’t that extend to the work area as well? Work areas are now becoming increasingly collaborative, and there is more of a focus on building open spaces and other ways to make offices more friendly and relaxed. A great example of this trend in action is the use of Huddle Rooms for meetings.

2. Increased Flexibility

Innovative work areas are directly connected to this trend since the desire for increased flexibility will likely increase on all ends. Companies will look for office spaces that are transformative, and can fit several needs at once – ranging from informal to formal in an instant. There are a lot more creative ways to execute this, from implementing hot desking systems to improve room reservation systems to allow for that.

3. Improving Technology

Overall, companies will need to evaluate how to improve their existing technology as well as decide what additions will need to be made to allow for innovative workplaces and increased flexibility.

There is a number of ways to do this with smart technology, but ultimately, it will depend on your company’s unique needs. Think of what kind of flexibility your office needs, and what technology solutions could help bridge that gap for 2018.

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