Better Room Management: Crestron Meeting Room Solutions


Teams are constantly arguing over meeting space in large organizations. Without proper organization and clear hallway signs, the process can get messy. Thankfully, Crestron has an innovative meeting room solution and technology that makes the entire procedure clear and the disputes to a minimum. There are several components of this tool that are important to consider:

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Easy and Quick Booking with Your Mobile Device

The solution has a quick, easy, convenient app. Professionals can easily book meeting rooms from the convenience of their phone, tablet or computer. The app is integrated with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange as well, so that the entire process is seamless. The app utilizes Beacon technology to aid in finding the room as well. Visitors and teams will no longer waste time trying to find the rooms.

Innovative Digital Hallway Signage

The solutions include an innovative digital hallway signage that is automatically updated according to the meeting in that room. It displays the meeting attendees, the time of the meeting and any other useful information about the meeting. It is easily identifiable and clear. The hallway screen is also a touch screen. Meeting participants can learn more and scroll through attendees by placing their finger on the screen.

Enterprise-level Secure Connection and Management

The entire solution is scalable and secure. It is stored in the cloud and has deep antivirus and anti-hacking protections. Enterprises should feel secure adopting this technology in the conference room.

Overall, the Crestron solution makes booking meetings easier. It helps participants find and clearly see who is in each room as well as the start and end times. Thurs, the meeting rooms especially those corporation which have over 10 meeting rooms located in different area in office. For this reason, the platform is rapidly gaining popularity across the globe.

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