AV Over IP: Understanding The Benefits And Security


AV over IP is another trend talking about in 2018. Some people already know what it is but some people don’t. There are a significant number of benefits to implement AV over IP as opposed to traditional AV solutions in a facility. It is secure and it ensures that the data, both audio and visual, is shared with those who need to see it. 

Let’s go deeper in the topic and understand more about business network!

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AV over IP Set Up

The setup is going to change slightly when it comes to AV over IP as opposed to the traditional methods. The equipment, for the most part, is going to stay the same. However, there won’t be the need for all of the connections. For example, you may run into a problem where there are a fixed number of inputs and outputs with an A/V switcher. You may also not have the same connections based on the type of equipment that a presenter has brought in.

If you don’t have a dongle for a Mac, for example, it may be difficult for someone to present using the projector that you have. However, with the use of AV over IP, the presentation can be sent over the cloud, thus eliminating the need for any kind of physical connection of hardware. As a result, you will also save money on the infrastructure spending. Ethernet switches are considerably more cost-effective than AV switches.

Security Issue

The biggest reason more facilities aren’t switching to AV over IP is because of the common misconception that it isn’t secure. This isn’t entirely accurate, however. The reality is that there are quite a few encryption technologies that exist. There is also digital content protection in the form of digital key exchanges and more. As long as you invest in network security, you can deploy AV over IP without any worry.

Making the switch can provide a higher level of audio-visual presentations while also making it easier to set up in the various rooms of your facility.

Learn more about the various AV over IP systems that can be installed at your facility by contacting Komstadt Systems Limited today.

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