Jabra Engage 55: The New Wireless Headset For Your Smart Office

Jabra engage 55 wireless headset smart office

The newest model in Jabra’s Engage line, the Engage 55, is designed to improve communications. This headset offers the greatest level of security with noise-canceling technology and military-grade encryption. It also offers a broad wireless range, allowing professionals to make calls anywhere.

The Jabra Engage 55 is made for high-quality communication. More staff may hold meetings in the same location without interruption thanks to better microphone performance and noise-canceling technology.

The Jabra Engage 55 is the ultimate headset for anyone working in the professional sector, whether remotely or otherwise because it provides a high level of security.

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Jabra Engage 55 Features

Professionals who need a dependable wireless headset solution can choose the portable Jabra Engage 55 Headset to boost productivity because it offers the following unique features:

  1. 13-hour maximum battery life
  2. Three wearing styles.
  3. Built-in busy lights Compatible with all popular contact center and unified communications (UC) systems.
  4. PeakStopTM guards against abrupt, loud audio spikes.
  5. IntelliToneTM 2.0 restricts the volume of every audio.
  6. Speech Level Normalization and Intelligent Acoustic Shock Prevention.
  7. Built-in sidetone: Reduces conversation fatigue, ensures that your microphone is functioning, and allows you to control the level of your speech.
  8. DECT Security Step C level is enhanced with new FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption methods to prevent eavesdropping and maintain the security of talks.
jabra engage 55 headset

What Sets The Jabra Engage 55 Apart?

Future employment will be primarily virtual. The new digital spaces are the new norm for how we communicate with one another, with millions working together daily on Zoom and other cloud-based communication platforms. Many employees have never met all of their coworkers outside of these platforms.

Because of this, leaders must make every effort to make the most of the virtual workplace so that workers may develop more personal and engaging relationships with their coworkers.

The Jabra Engage 55 wireless headset does just that, and it offers so much more, including:

  1. Hybrid working.
  2. Clear conversation
  3. Improved security.

Hybrid Working

From the beginning of the pandemic, the phrase “meeting equity” has entered the conversation in tandem with the growth of hybrid work to examine how organizations may establish appropriate virtual settings.

In virtual calls, a person’s credibility is based on their audio quality; the worse the sound, the less credible we think a person is. Poor virtual online audio causes our brains to work more than usual to decipher what is being spoken. If this is done repeatedly, it depletes energy and awareness, adversely affecting wellness and productivity. Therefore, it is crucial to get the online experience perfect to prevent virtual weariness in workers.

Jabra Engage 55 wireless headset ensures every meeting participant has a seat at the table and an equal opportunity to contribute during a typical meeting.

Improved Security

Companies are increasingly susceptible to cyber attacks due to the current norm of remote working. Security is, therefore, more crucial than ever. Eavesdropping increases cybercrime because of data breaches. It is therefore essential to protect client conversations during virtual meetings.

The Engage 55 is the safest professional wireless headset on the market, thanks to its extra features. The link between the headset and the wireless adapter is ultra-secure since it is accredited to the highest DECT Security Level C. It also has an additional FIPS military-grade 256-bit encryption technique to prohibit listening in on conversations effectively.

Clear Conversation

It’s more important than ever for staff to be heard and to communicate freely with their colleagues clearly and concisely as virtual meetings become the norm for corporations. Because of this, the Jabra Engage 55 includes a noise-canceling and speech-enhancement microphone that blocks background noise while preserving the clarity of your voice for more engaging conversations.

Jabra Engage 55 also provides extra perks for hearing protection. It comes with a speech level normalization feature that enables users to adjust the volume of incoming calls to suit their preferences. Additionally, the headset incorporates sophisticated acoustic shock prevention, which lowers potentially damaging noise levels without degrading audio.

jabra engage 55 headset

Take Your Teleconferencing to the Next Level

The Jabra Engage 55 is excellent for hybrid professionals who spend most of their workday in virtual meetings. It’s the ideal headset for hybrid working because of its all-day wearable, lightweight design, excellent wireless range, and strong DECT Level C security.

To get the best out of your virtual meetings, you will need the highest quality audio, and Jabra Engage offers you this and more.

Komstadt is a leading IT & AV provider serving clients across the Asia Pacific. We offer various innovative office and conferencing solutions, including the Jabra Engage 55, to solve your business requirements.

Get in touch with us to see how this wireless headset fits in your smart office solution.

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