Network Security for Business 2018

Another high profile breach of a business or government network seems to occur every few weeks. With so many losses and breaches, there is more and more focus on network security. Companies are hiring more network security experts and acquiring additional solutions as well. There a few areas that are particularly important to consider.

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Cloud Vulnerability

The cloud has grown more and become ever present in the business world. While the cloud is useful and generally has very high security standards, there are still many ways for hackers to breach systems. Many users are not careful with their passwords or use extremely standardized passwords. Many networks also don’t have multi-factor authentication or tiered access. For that reason, once hackers are in, they can steal virtually any piece of information. They can download personal financial info, company private data and much more.

Malware Infections

Similarly, hackers are infecting networks with malware in order to slow them down, steal data and crash systems. They may be doing this to attack specific networks, or more broadly in order to gather as much potential stolen data as possible. Malware also reduces bandwidth, increases email spam and potentially relinquishes control of the network.

To prevent these types of infections, companies are instituting a wide range of preventative features and monitoring. Most importantly, they are acquiring robust firewalls that immediately detect and deter malware attacks.

Business Email-Compromise (BEC)

The Business Email-Compromise (BEC) threat is just emerging as a major cyber problem. It happens when a criminal compromises the email of a high ranking company officer like the CEO or CFO. They use the email account to surreptitiously send an email to another employee that handles wire transfers and payments. They then request that the employee send funds to the criminal bank account under the guise of a legitimate expense.

Companies must now monitor for this scam by regularly checking that email accounts have not been infiltrated. Additionally, they need to put in financial controls that require multiple sign-offs

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