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More and more businesses are seeking out state of the art digital signage for their facilities. They are now chasing for crystal clear images rather than just with the burdensome set-top boxes. They need customized technology solutions with programming, images, logos and data. Fortunately, there are now services that can provide all of these features in a smart space or huddle room.

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Enterprises hope to customize the viewing experience for their specific location. They may no longer rely on what is broadcast over the cable network. They are forming a relationship with their customers and want to control the signage experience and the viewing experience at all times.

Smart operations are needed that are not simply operated by a remote control. New systems should allow the entire management through a digital interface. Administrators can use the dashboard to change channels, alter the look and the words that are displayed on the screen. They can also implement their unique elements such as inserting logo or other relevant images on the screen.

The information is all hosted offsite in the cloud. Instead of an annoying box that can be broken, failed or gone offline, the IPTV platform plays a very important role that to be hosted through a redundant cloud system. That means there are always back-up options if one server has any technical issues or goes down.


The Tripleplay System is recognized as one of the leaders in this space. Their digital signage solution provides the benefits and is becoming more and more popular with facilities world-wide.

Tripleplay’s TripleSign platform is a feature-rich solution that has been adopted by thousands of clients across the world within industries including banking, finance, legal or enterprise. The platform has features including dual video/TV windows in digital signage layouts, integrated workflow management system and native IPTV solution, which is a built-in content management system with interactive touchscreen capabilities and digital menu board delivery.

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Meanwhile, we have also prepared an inspirational material. Corporate companies are now looking for an office innovation: “Smart Space” to increase employees’ collaboration as to enhance better efficiency. If you’re interested in the topic,  click the button below to download our Guide for Smart Space.


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