Skype For Business: Increasing Communication

skype for business phone system with conferencing feature

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Skype. Perhaps you’ve used it personally for keeping up with your grandchildren and family or talking to someone living in another countries, etc. However, did you know that Skype For Business is a powerful tool that will allow you to add as many as 250 people to an online meeting?

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What is Skype for Business? 

Skype has partnered with Microsoft Office 365 to offer numerous options for conference calls. (Important note: if you are currently using Office Live Meeting you’ll need to switch to Skype for Business by the end of 2017.) You can accommodate up to 250 people in a meeting through their smartphone, tablet, PC, phone, or other meeting room device. You can go even further with a Skype Meeting Broadcast and produce a webinar for up to 10,000 people.

Does it look good?

The video quality of Skype for Business has improved as well. It features multi-party HD video with 1080p resolution and participants can easily join just by clicking on a link in the calendar or meeting reminder. You can also include up to six people at once live on the screen.

How can I tailor it specifically for my needs?

Skype for Business allows the presenter to have varied control with the ability to mute or unmute all attendees or just mute specific attendees. If you want to block certain attendees from seeing any of the videos you can do that as well. Another helpful feature is the ability to show the presenter’s video or picture in the lower right-hand corner while showing the content in the remainder of the screen. Or you can use the Gallery View and show all of the participant’s videos or pictures in addition to the content.

Is it secure?

While some users have had concerns about security, performance, and speed with Skype For Business, Citrix has developed an app alongside Microsoft that addresses many of those issues.

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