The All in One Console Tool: Crestron Mercurial UI

Crestron Mercury UI

As the years go by, technology seems to take the better part of us. Well, technology has given solutions to earlier unsolved problems as well as helping so much in all industries with advancement. Life is becoming much more comfortable with technology, and the good thing about it is that it does not matter where you’re for you to see what technology is helping in. People have, in an extended period, had problems with their office meeting with too many employees but no space to do their work. Room meeting solutions have been found with the new technology. Crestron Mercury UI which is a result of technology, has helped so much in managing every area across enterprises regardless of the size. People can now efficiently work together irrespective of their location or the conferencing service. There are, however, features of Crestron Mercurial UI that make this possible.

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Present Wirelessly from Your Device

With two models of mercury in it, which are the base package and the video package, the Crestron Mercury UI can accommodate different applications. It enables wireless connection from your PC, smartphone, or even your laptop under the current workplace trends.

Simplicity in Making Voice Calls

Crestron Mercury UI makes it easier to make calls that sounds like all the people are in the same meeting room. There is corporate directory access integration that provides a one-touch dialing from any centrally managed directory. Also, for Bluetooth enabled phones, it becomes easier to pair them turning your phone into a meeting room even with the ability to start as well as end calls. On laptops, there are run softphone applications from mercury. You should always take advantage of echo-free high quality by connecting your computer to the USB port. Crestron Mercury UI makes privacy an essential matter hence allowing one to mute a call when the need arises.

Easy Management

For mass deployment, Crestron Mercury UI is the perfect way in any sized facility. From cloud and leverage standard-network-security-policies, you can console and manage Crestron Mercury UI consoles. You can configure devices individually or via a web browser of your choice.


For all Crestron Mercury UI rooms, there is a direct collaboration with Microsoft Exchange, which enables room scheduling automation. There is also a chance to integrate directly with Crestron Fusion. You can extend or even reschedule your meetings with this powerful tool. Crestron Mercury UI also provides room for time management by ensuring the time factor is managed.

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