Trend of Today: Fog Display Screens


The future is upon us. A new way of projecting and manipulating 3D images is being implemented in businesses over the world. According to Live Science, fog display screens are almost like holograms. They use a fog machine to produce an image on a screen that users can reach through and interact with. The content that is being created can be easily shared with others via the tabletop surface and an interaction system.

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How Does it Work?

The aptly named Leia Display models allow users to interact with the image, touch it, and even walk through it. This is made possible with streams of almost invisible fog, which carry the image. The laminar structure of the fog streams means that the projected images are high resolution. Leia has a patent on the long distance laminar pattern, which means they can offer the steadiest “floating” screen on the market.

Corporate Applications

While fog display machines clearly have a place in simple entertainment, the applications in corporate environments are even better. A fog display machine can be used for collaborating on projects. While one user manipulates the image physically, other users can view the changes they are making on one or several screens in real time. Users can also manipulate the image on their screens to assist or make changes to what the person in control of the fog display screen has done. Corporations can also use this technology to project their logo in 3D, which will make a rather large impression on passersby.

Technology continues to grow in leaps and bounds. If you are not keeping up, you are falling behind. In the corporate world, if you are falling behind, your competitors are pulling ahead. Using a fog display screen is just one way that you can make sure that your corporation is staying up to date when it comes to collaboration and marketing.

Workplace is definitely a hot keyword in 2018. To catch up the trend for your office, it also helps to open up the business opportunity. The “Workplace” or “Smart Space” will utilize a series of collaborative technologies combined design concepts to bring an overall business solution to the table for consideration. The solution should be accessible, time saving and fundamental easy for users to access and get together. In order to understand more, please feel free to download the guide below! Get Ready in 2018!

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