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The realities of business in 2017 often lead to collaborations between on-site and off-site people and teams. This makes efficient use of video conferencing technology more important than ever before. And “efficient” is absolutely the keyword, there!

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Conference rooms with a remote call-in are a longtime business standard that can benefit greatly from a live video feed. And even more key to modern businesses using newer, more agile collaboration practices, huddle rooms also benefit from a simple, reliable video connection with off-site workers and managers.


Logitech MeetUp is the Industry Standard

Logitech MeetUp grew to become the industry standard for a reason. It’s the best way to bring video collaboration to huddle rooms and large conference rooms in a way that minimizes setup time and maintenance, and lets everyone involved focus on their work.

Crowding around a laptop with a grainy, unstable consumer-level livestreaming solution is simply untenable for workplaces looking to put efficiency at the forefront.

MeetUp In Huddle Rooms

The Logitech MeetUp camera has a wide 120 degree angle with a field of view that seamlessly and naturally captures the feeling of sitting at the head of a table for a quick meeting. This simple, all-in-one camera solution comes with three built-in microphones with filtering capabilities that knock out extraneous noise while putting human voices at the forefront.

The point of huddle rooms is to be able to quickly break off into a private space for a small team. Logitech MeetUp makes it easy to bring in off-site employees and participants into those on-the-spot meetings, with little to no adjustments required after the initial setup of the camera.

MeetUp In Large Conference Rooms

For the traditional large conference room setting, the ultra high-resolution 4K capabilities of MeetUp are extremely important. Managers and executives can easily preside over large meetings, losing none of the details they’d catch if they were sitting there in person. The wide-angle that makes huddle room setups seamless applies just as well in the large conference room setting.

Plug, Play, and Work

For either conference rooms or huddle rooms, it’s as simple as placing the MeetUp camera in an appropriate location and getting the meeting and videoconferencing started.

Any simple adjustments to the sights or sounds are easily controlled on any iOS or Android device. And for spaces that demand more than the extremely powerful base features can handle, TV mounts and external support microphones accessory are available.

It’s time to modernize your workplace. Not just in terms of having any best-in-class video conferencing services at all, but one meant to be all about cutting out the middleman between employees and their technology. Logitech MeetUp is not only a way to connect workers on- and off-site, it’s an efficient solution that saves time in the process.

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