Upgrading Huddle Rooms with Polycom MSR Series

Polycom MSR Series

Polycom MSR Series is the leading all-in-one, streamlined solution for Skype For Business voice and video conferencing. Designed for minimal setup times while providing extremely high-quality hardware designed for meeting room use, this is a tool meant for seamless integration into existing conference or huddle rooms, for anyone to intuitively operate with little to no training necessary.

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How Polycom MSR Hardware Outpaces Built-In Technology

Polycom MSR is powered by the Microsoft Surface Pro 4, paired with a special Polycom-designed dock that adds networking, HDMI video (1080p @ 60FPS or 1200p @ 30FPS supported) and high-end audio hardware support.

The entry-level package includes the MSR200 Web Camera and Real Presence Trio audio kit and touchscreen package to immediately take advantage of those extra ports. These can be upgraded at any time, or you can opt for packages including the MSR300 Web Camera, which includes a larger field of view and mechanical movement controls to handle larger conference or huddle room settings. And the third package includes the Polycom CX5100 Unified Conference Station, an all-in-one selection of full-room microphones and panoramic viewing options.

This means none of the pixelated, low-quality imagery and inconsistent sound range of the standard built-in audio and visual tech built into standard business PC hardware. Business applications for meeting rooms call for consistent filtering of sound, clear images, and easy operation, all of which the Polycom MSR provides in concert with the Surface Pro 4 touchscreen Windows PC platform.

Multiply Huddle Room Productivity

Huddle rooms in smart space are increasingly standard in fast-paced business environments. Setting aside smaller meeting spaces so teams can break off from larger groups and get into the deep details of their project without distractions is a surefire way to increase the speed of productivity and keep teams focused on the tasks at hand.

The Polycom MSR enhances the huddle room environment by bringing off-site employees into the fold. And the easy operation, high-quality hardware combination means the “vibe” of huddle rooms — breaking off at a moment’s notice — isn’t hampered by finicky hardware that requires employees to take time adjusting audio and visual settings to make sure the remote viewer is able to participate effectively.

Huddle rooms work best when there are no barriers between each member of the team, regardless of being in the physical space or working off-site. Polycom MSR dissolves the technical walls put up by lesser hardware, giving all workers the ability to participate in huddle room sessions over Skype For Business within seconds.

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