How Hot Desking can Help Your Business Grow

Every organization is unique, requiring different amounts of office space, as well as desks for work activities. In many cases, a company’s employees definitely need their own desk or office — a specific place that allows them to perform their primary work responsibilities. However, many other organizations have employees whose primary responsibilities either keep them on their feet, or out of the office virtually altogether. At times, they may require a desk for work-related activities, but much of their time is spent elsewhere.

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Maximize Office Space

Since overall office space can be quite a significant financial investment, many companies are trying to come up with creative methods that will allow them to reduce costs, while still providing the environment their staff needs in order to remain productive. One of these methods is found in the creation of the concept of “hot desks”. Hot desks are desks that are not tied to any specific staff member. Instead, an employer creates a kiosk of either a single or a group of desks that staff members can access whenever they need to sit down and perform tasks. By creating an ad-hoc desk environment, employees can still get desk work accomplished when they need to, and their employer saves money on workplaces.

Hot Desk 2

Increasing Flexibility

Especially for larger organizations, an easier-to-reach desk can increase flexibility in an office environment. Consider an individual who attends a meeting on a different floor than the primary floor on which they normally work. After the meeting, if they need a desk to perform some tasks, rather than traveling all the way down (or up) to their primary work area, they can simply sit down at a nearby hot desk, complete their tasks, and move on to perhaps a different floor for another meeting.

Hot Desk 3

Enhancing Communication

A group of hot desks can provide a great place for quick, ad-hoc meetings rather than waiting for a meeting room, thus fostering greater communication and collaboration. In addition, hot desk areas are fully equipped with everything a staff member might need, including a computer station. Staff members can easily sit down and send off a series of emails from wherever they are in the building, rather than having to wait until they get back to their desk to craft a detailed email.

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Hot desks can allow staff members to focus on performing their work activities, rather than trying to book a conference room and/or traveling back and forth to their desk for much of the day. Businesses grow when their employees are provided with an environment that facilitates, rather than detracts from their ability to work.

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