ClearOne’s Solution to Conferencing Audio Quality

ClearOne’s Solution to Conferencing Audio Quality

Phone conferencing is one of the most popular conferencing technology today. Audi quality is essential to both web and phone conferences. However, audio quality remains to be the element that causes trouble and complaints in most conference calls.

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Why the poor audio quality and how to fix the annoying drop calls, noises, and garbled audio for once and all? The ClearOne converge pro 880TA, and the ClearOne Beamforming microphone array can be used in any conferencing environment to deliver bright audio pickup. Below is a highlight of each of these systems:

ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA

The Converge Pro 880TA is an audio conferencing system with a 4-channel power amplifier. The 880TA is a perfect solution for presentation, collaboration, and distance communications. It has a super sound quality due to its comprehensive features and newest technologies. Together with the ClearOne HD Conference suite, you can rest assured of the best conferencing experience. The ClearOne Converge Pro 880TA allows local and remote PC control, setup and diagnostic. This system can be integrated with other control systems.

ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array

The Beamforming microphone array adaptively guides audio pickups in conference calls rejecting unwanted reflections, noises, and delivering unmatched performance in the conference room. The system has a sleek and attractive design that suits all audio conferencing environments. The array senses its mounting position to optimize audio signal processing for the performance. The ClearOne Beamforming Microphone Array 2 proves ClearOne’s leadership by providing the following:

• Enhanced echo canceling in acoustic environments.

• Fast converge and adaptation to acoustic environments such as ambient noises from closing doors, moving chairs, and chatter in the background or any other sounds that come in the way of the audio.

• Better microphone pickups. The mics also have improved capability to detect softer voices.

• Clear and natural intelligible audio, even when more than many people speak at the same time.

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