Improve Video Conferencing with Logitech Collaboration Program


The latest addition to the Logitech Collaboration Program is Salamander Designs. Now, customers have the benefit of purchasing video collaboration products alongside the credenzas, mobile stands, and huddle tables made by Salamander.

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When a user orders video conferencing products, it is now possible to order custom tech furniture that incorporates Logitech Rally, MeetUp, and Tap conference cameras and integrators. This solutions stack is easy and fast to deploy, as it also compliments the client’s decor.

Salamander Designs is specialized in creating innovative furniture systems that take your presentation to a whole new level. The combination of Logitech and Salamander creates a new solution that is focused on the Unified Telephony & Collaboration market.

Let us now look at the benefits of the products created by the collaboration of Salamander Designs and Logitech.

It is Possible to Conduct Meetings in Large Rooms

If your company has regular remote departmental or executive meetings of up to 20 people, you can get a combination of:

  • A speaker microphone
  • High-definition video camera system for video conferencing
  • Expansion microphones for a richer experience (optional)

For a more functional system, Salamander Designs offers a series of cabinets with a built-in TV mount and custom cut speaker integration capabilities, to help support your video conferencing equipment. Remember, the furniture is custom built to house your Logitech devices.

Customers Get Top of the Line Video Conferencing Equipment and Furniture

The high-definition cameras at Logitech feature:

  • A motorized pan and tilt with 1080p full-HD resolution
  • 10x zoom.
  • 90-degree field of view.

The group speakerphone features:

  • Four microphones
  • High-quality DSP for echo and noise reduction to minimize the amount of noise going to the microphone

This camera allows you to position the camera and move it around the room to focus on the entire conference table. You can comfortably view a flip chart presentation or whiteboard writings on the far end of the room using this camera.

Salamander Designs allows you to use custom configurations to design your furniture pieces. You can select the type of quality finishing you want for your conference room. If you wish to have valuable but straightforward furniture for video conferencing, then AV basics can enhance your experience. Wall mounted cabinets are also an option which creates an illusion in your conference room that you have installed a floating cabinet.

Easy to setup Video Conference Meetings

A well-designed conference room with Salamander Designed furniture and Logitech video conferencing tools, makes it possible for companies to set up video conferencing with ease. Groups can work with any video conferencing application like Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Bluejeans, Broad Soft, Video, Life-Size Cloud, and others.

Enjoy a new experience of video conferencing with the partnership of Logitech and Salamander Designs.

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