Skype for business Offers the Reliable Calling for Businesses

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There are many reasons professionals are talking about Skype for Business. If you remember Skype’s early days, it was a solution you might have used for informal business calls. However, when you needed an enterprise solution to use for major phone conferences or to maintain relationships with your top clients, Skype wasn’t your first thought.

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However, the Skype platform has changed. Skype now offers a robust, enterprise solution you can trust to handle all your business communications. It is an affordable, cloud-based solution with a simple learning curve. Skype also offers reliable uptime and excellent call quality.


Just as it’s always been, Skype is free to use when you connect with other Skype users. For inner-company communications and small video conferences, this is quite a money saver. If you’re lucky enough to have clients who also use Skype, you save money there too. However, Skype is also inexpensive for large video conferences and international calling. You can also use the platform with your cell phone or landline phone.


Skype still has the same pleasant UX and is still just as simple to use as it’s always been. Simply download and install the basic softphone.

Cloud Convenience

You can download and install a version of Skype on all your favorite devices and use the same Skype account on all of them. Your Skype service is paid for and ready for you to use wherever you need it to be. Instead of worrying about a calling plan, make phone calls wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Reliability and Call Quality

In the early days, Skype was notorious for dropping calls, echoes, background static and unpredictable call quality. This was unacceptable for an enterprise-level solution. However, VoIP quality has improved overall. Skype calls are only affected if your internet connection isn’t stable or if you’re using a poor quality mic. In addition, Skype alerts you if you’re trying to use the platform over an insecure connection and lets you know it might drop the call. This gives you the opportunity to make other plans. Skype call quality is now crystal clear over all good internet connections.

Contact us today at Komstadt when you’re ready to start using Skype for your business. It’s one of the best calling and conferencing solutions available today.

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