Why You Should Choose Bullet Train HDMI Cables?

Bullet Train HDMI

AVPro Edge has once again proven their well-deserved respect in the audio video integration industry with Bullet Train HDMI cable. They understand that fast and reliable communication is the key to any successful infrastructure. The Bullet Train HDMI cable is the product of their hard-work, genius thought, and high-quality design. Bullet Train HDMI cables have no issue with 18Gbps, HDR and even Wide Color Gamut. Highly engineered and proven to be long lasting, Bullet Train HDMI cables allow you to rest assured that you are giving your clientele the best quality in any installment.

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Reliability and Durability

When it comes to any feature of a system, reliability and durability are a must have. Bullet Train HDMI have been tested and have proven their reliability. Even over long distances, they are able to relay fast, safe, and stable distribution. They are also durable, long-lasting, and affordable. They don’t easily fail and have long product life-spans making them the perfect choice for any audio and visual infrastructure.

Top Quality

In addition to reliability and durability, the quality of the Bullet Train HDMI are guaranteed. Whether streaming a live conference for business to business transactions or simply communication between employees at the workplace, Bullet Train HDMI make it seamless. Through top-notched manufacturing and engineering, Bullet Train assures stable video and audio in any system.

High Specs

Bullet Train HDMI are made to pass 18Gbps High Bandwidth Audio/Video Signals, wide color gamut, 60 frames per second 4K resolution and high dynamic range. There are two types: passive cables(.5 to 20 meters) and Active Optical Cables(15 meters to 40 meters).

Passive Cables:

  • Length – .5 to 20 meters
  • Max resolution – Ultra HD 4k 60Hz
  • Throughput – 18 Gbps Bandwidth
  • Ethernet – Yes
  • Speed – Ultra High Speed

Active Optical Cables:

  • Length – 15 to 40 meters
  • Supported Resolution – UHD 4k 60Hz(4:4:4)
  • Throughput – 18 Gbps Bandwidth
  • Ethernet – Yes
  • HDR(High Dynamic Range) – Yes

As audio visual systems continue to improve and have higher requirements for their components, reliable and high-quality cables will be a necessity, and Bullet Train HDMI cables will remain the best choice. Contact us today to order your Bullet Train HDMI cable.

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