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4 Reasons Your Company Needs a Room Booking System

Companies are seeking new ways to organize meeting space and make it more efficient in collaboration. An effective room booking systems should offer commercial and operational benefits to your business as well. Let’s see the 8 reasons your company needs a good room booking system:

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1. Reduce Administration Workload

A good room booking system can weigh down the company administration and operation procedures. It helps you manage the room bookings as well as timetable of the meeting rooms automatically. Furthermore, no more paper booking forms are needed and no email records are needed for administrative department. 


2. Increase Data Security and Accuracy

All room booking information data are transferred and stored securely via booking systems. People book the rooms by themselves directly from the room booking systems. The accuracy of booking records will be increased as well. Moreover, room booking system offers people the chance to view, edit and cancel their own room booking records.


3. Reduce The Risk of Double-booking

People are able to capture the room booking schedule in real-time via web application or phone. The room booking systems removes the risk of double-booking and means that you are always able to have an exact understanding of availability of every room.

4. Anytime Access

A meeting room booking system can be accessed anytime by 24/7, 365 days per year. It absolutely simplifies the room booking process to be much more easier, and without having to rely on booking within normal working hours.

For the above reasons, here are two room booking solutions that are helping companies with these issues. The Evoko Liso and Crestron Enterprise Room Scheduler both do a good job, but are slightly different. Let’s explore more details of these products right away!


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Review of Crestron Room Scheduling

Crestron room scheduling

The TSW‑560 series features a 5 in. capacitive touch screen display with Crestron HTML5 and Smart Graphics® software technology and five soft‑touch buttons. PoE (Power over Ethernet) connectivity and a range of mounting options make installation simple for both new and retrofit applications.

Additional features include the ability to control any function using voice commands, view security cameras and other video sources, communicate using built‑in video intercom and phone capabilities, and browse the Internet. A native room scheduling application is included to enable use as a room scheduling panel. Let’s see the detail of TSW-560!

Key features of TSW-560

  1. Affordable and easy to install touch screen with ultra clean, modern appearance
  2. 5 in. (127 mm) widescreen active‑matrix color display and 960 x 540 qHD display resolution
  3. Capacitive touch screen display and backlit soft‑touch capacitive buttons
  4. Supports Crestron HTML5 and Smart Graphics® software custom projects
  5. Voice recognition capability
  6. H.264 or MJPEG streaming video display
  7. Built‑in microphone, speakers, and 5 MP H.264 IP camera
  8. Rava® SIP intercom and phone technology
  9. Native room scheduling app
  10. Built-in web browsing
  11. Single‑wire Ethernet connection with PoE or PoE+ power
  12. Enterprise grade security
  13. Web or cloud based configuration
  14. Wall or lectern mount over a rectangular cutout
  15. Available in smooth black or white finish

Why We Need the Room Scheduling Mode of TSW‑560?

The TSW‑560 integrates directly with Crestron Fusion software, Microsoft Exchange Server software (for users of Outlook software and Office 365 software), the Google Calendar calendaring app (including G Suite software), CollegeNET 25Live scheduling software, or Ad Astra software. Moreover, IBM Notes software is also supported through a Crestron Fusion on-premises server. This application is smart to compatible with most of the popular scheduling software.

Crestron room scheduling touch screens help organizations to maximize productivity and manage usage for every meeting space. They can be installed at the room entrance to provide information of the room’s availability and people are able to have a view of its schedule for the day.

A CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE occupancy sensor can also be paired to the touch screen, allowing for occupancy status to be reported instantly to the scheduling app for no‑shows and unscheduled room usage.

A CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE occupancy sensor

A CEN‑ODT‑C‑POE occupancy sensor

Crestron room scheduling also offers three levels of customization—ranging from simply configuring settings in the web user interface to modifying the application source code for a completely unique appearance—depending on the needs of an enterprise.

Why Is The Evoko Liso So Popular?

Evoko Liso

The setup software the installation process is really simple and user friendly for everyone. If you are going to install and set up a room booking solution by yourself, the EVOKO is a greatest choice indeed. The Power over Ethernet options are great and you can also choose to set up the unit over WiFi as well.

How Evoko Liso Can Benefit Your Room Booking Experience?

  1. Extend meeting lengths
  2. Finish meetings early through the ‘Release Room’ function
  3. Report damaged equipment
  4. Individually ‘Check in’ to the meeting via PIN verification or NFC
  5. Restrict access for certain rooms or groups

Evoko Liso offers many of the same features as the Crestron. It lets people book rooms and allows all participants to know who is in the meeting. Of course, it prevents double bookings and clears up confusion about who gets each room at what times. The Liso focuses more on the user interface and the sleek design that is more intuitive than the Crestron. It has some of the Apple iOS look and feel.

The biggest difference is the analysis and optimization features. The Evoko Liso provides analytical insights into how the organization is using meeting space. Additionally, it will suggest the optimal meeting space based on the number of people and the other meetings that are occurring at the same time. This makes it much simpler on the participants.

Physically, the Liso commands very little wall space (200mm x 200mm x 25mm) and it can be wall or glass mounted to suit any workplace; it also boasts 5 cable routing directions giving installers more options for a clean and tidy cable run. Whether the meeting room is available or not, a proximity sensor on the panel activates the screen when approached, displaying all key information about the rooms availability over the following 12 hours. This is presented on a the 8” touch screen display.

Moreover, the striking green and red ‘light aura’ acts as a visual aid that allows users to see at a glance, and from some distance, whether the room is vacant or not; when the status of the room changes Liso will automatically update the rooms status to all employees at their PCs, smart-phones or tablets with their normal work calendar, eliminating the need for more plug-ins or additional software to learn. The Liso, like the Evoko Room Manager before it, syncs seamlessly and easily with most email systems, and allows users to just book the room via their Outlook calendar as well.

We’re always keen to find the best solutions to make the workplace become more smarter, more efficient and more aesthetically. Contact us for more information on room booking systems for your workplace right away!

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