Which Sound Bar Is Best For You: Yamaha ESB-1080 or NEC SP-ASCM


Following the rise in new presentation technologies, comes the advent of better sound delivery systems. Communication is the heart of any meeting or conference and the way that sound is delivered has become increasingly important. The Yamaha ESB-1080 and the NEC SP-ASCM are two of the forerunners in the race to find the best sound. These two soundbars deliver and assure great sound quality during meetings and conferences, but there are a few key differences between the two.

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Yamaha ESB-1080

Yamaha ESB-1080

The ESB-1080 was designed by Yamaha to integrate audio from video to create an immersive sound experience in a conference setting. It is preset to a “Conference Mode” for clear, full and dynamic conversation audio.

With a streamlined and elegant design, the ESB-1080 was designed with two built-in subwoofers and a bass-reflex port, two dome tweeters and two woofers. Built-in keyholes allow for easy wall or TV mounting and an in-built gyroscope automatically optimizes sound whether it’s positioned vertically or horizontally. The ESB-1080 integrates easily with any PC, monitor or mobile device and has the latest connectivity options including HDMI®, Bluetooth, optical and analogue audio.

The ESB-1080 is optimized for small and medium conference spaces.



The SP-ASCM is similar to the ESB-1080 in that it was designed with small conference rooms in mind, however, it was also made with huddle spaces and video conferencing in mind.

The SP-ASCM has seamless usability. There are no driver installations required and is ready to use as soon as it is plugged in. It was designed with the universal mounting approach. A wall mount is included(optional VESA mount) and has high mounting flexibility with many different brackets available. In addition, a built-in camera and microphone provide high-quality video conferencing.

The SP-ASCM also has a flexible configuration that fits the needs of the user. Similar to the ESB-1080 it also integrates with other devices and has the latest connectivity options.

For more information on which soundbar to choose for your conference room to optimize conferences and streamline meetings, contact us.

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