Workplace2GO – A Revolutionary PropTech Solution for Deploying Offices

The Workplace is quickly evolving to better cope with the work-from-home & hybrid working model demands. As these demands rise, people tend to prefer working from home if their workplaces are located far away. The current trend is that today’s workplace needs to be closer to people’s homes, but it’s expensive to traditionally build new offices or even move multiple offices to more convenient locations. Therefore, we present to you — the Flexible, Fast & Cost-Effective Workplace2GO solution.

How Flexible?

The Workplace2GO solution consists of Smart Booths, Hot-Desks, and Collaborative Furniture to form the core elements of a workplace. The collaborative setup is flexible and can be adjusted to fit any office space, size, and form. The solution is integrated with a full suite of Smart Technologies that can be applied to each of the office and workplace locations. These technologies include Remote Access Control, Desk & Room Booking, Occupancy Sensing, and a Dashboard Software that consolidates data and generates analytic summaries. If the data indicates that the current office utilization rate is below ideal, the workplace can be considered for relocation or restructuring.

How Fast?

The Zero-Construction strategy allows the workplace to be deployed at a much faster rate. A typical office space takes 3-4 months to complete, while Workplace2GO may take 6-8 weeks to complete. With Zero-Construction, the need for design and approval processes will be greatly reduced. If you need to return the office space to the landlord, the reinstatement time and costs will be minimal, since there was little to no construction of the space to begin with.

How Cost-Effective?

As the need for general office fit-out and construction is no longer required, a minimum of 50-60% of costs can be saved from conventional office renovation & fit-outs. This means that costs for professional services from architects, project managers, and consultants can also be drastically reduced. Furthermore, as the office space utilization rate improves through Smart Space Management, redundant office space can be cut and so can the rent.

If you are looking to deploy an office, Workplace2GO will be the solution for you! Please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.




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