3 Reasons for a Multi-Aspect Collaboration Space


Office equipment and furniture represent a significant financial investment for organizations, both large and small. These types of assets serve an important function however. Ideally they provide a flexible, comfortable meeting space where staff members can focus on the tasks at hand rather than spending significant amounts of time trying to assemble a productive work setting. Fortunately, one of the world’s leading designers in collaboration spaces, Ashley Bentley, offers just such an environment. Let’s see the 3 Reasons for a Multi-Aspect Collaboration Space!

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Flexible and Cost Efficient

The MAC space (multi-aspect collaboration space), is just one of Ashton Bentley’s new office solutions. The MAC space offers the flexibility and compatibility sought after by organizations as they go through the decision-making process of how best to invest their financial capital. Their new MAC space offers two collaboration spaces that team members can use either together or separately. By creating two compatible workspaces, the MAC space opens up increased possibilities for greater creativity and problem solving, while still recognizing an organization’s desire to practice fiscal restraint.

Ashley Bentley’s multi-aspect components are all modular pieces — easy to assemble and disassemble as needed. Easy to assemble components help keep set up costs low, while still providing a high level of flexible assembling options.

Multiple Seating Options

Sometimes the best meeting space environment addresses the need for round table discussion and collaboration between a small group of staff. At other times, more physical space is required, whether to accommodate additional team members for larger meetings, or simply the need for more table space for important paperwork or other work aids. Ashley Benton’s MAC space offers both of these types of arrangements, allowing staff members to easily create ad-hoc meeting or workspaces that meet their needs at any given time.

All-In-One Zoom

One of the great concepts supported by Ashton Bentley’s collaboration spaces is the allowance of adding additional features such as their all-in-one zoom room experience. Whatever team members need in terms of technology that enables them to effortlessly focus on the task at hand, the zoom room offers. All the hardware technology and furniture needed to assemble a complete work space is easily accomplished within hours, with Zoom-certified components. Whether it’s accommodating displays for videoconferencing, or speakers, cameras, microphones, USB sockets — or touch overlay for annotation or whiteboarding, Ashton Bentley’s zoom room experience delivers.

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