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Just a few decades ago, the world still marveled at commercials featuring some future world delivered by phone companies where people worlds away would actually be able to sit and converse with each other and actually see the people they were speaking to. Since that time, the business world has been virtually inundated with the latest electronic gadgets and gizmos for teleconferencing and improved communications.

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Usually, the sad reality is that failing to have I.T. professionals in every room, when attempting to integrate these technologies into the real business world with workplace trends, it becomes an abject lesson in electronics that leave Phil from accounting smacking the side of a screen, while Dolores from marketing stares blankly at mismatched cord connections. Anything beyond a one sided presentation seems only slightly closer than it was twenty years ago when people on opposite ends of the globe teared up at seeing one another on a tiny, fuzzy screen.

That is why Komstadt Systems Limited has turned almost exclusively to Polycom Studio for business communication solutions. Using simple plug-and-play connectivity, the system never requires an electronics technician with a degree from MIT to use. It is simple to plug in and get started, and the design was focused around small, huddle room environments, like the majority of your meetings actually are every day. The result of Polycom Studio products is the ability to actually realize immediate company-wide travel cost savings, since the technology actually works, and delivers what it promises. In short, it just works like it says it will, on both ends, and every time you use it.

Polycom Studio claims to “combine business-class performance with simplicity for small rooms and huddle spaces. Our USB video bar makes connecting easier than ever, with plug-and-play functionality that works with nearly any video platform and any budget,” and unlike so many communication products, this one actually delivers. But don’t just take our word for it. Visit Komstadt Systems Limited’s client portfolio page and find out some of the other businesses who are already using this product to increase productivity and make meetings more productive.

To learn more about Polycom Studio and other business solutions, contact Komstadt Systems Limited.

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