ESG and Office Space Management Solutions for Multinational Businesses

ESG and Office Space Management Solutions for Multinational Businesses

ESG refers to Environment, Social, and Governance. This modern concept is embraced in businesses throughout the world to encourage sustainability in building and office design, retain employees, and manage a corporation with some transparency. International investors in various businesses expect these companies to take ESG standards into serious consideration. New buildings and commercial renovations are now designed to benefit the environment by lowering carbon emissions.

Why is ESG important for the future?

Millennials and Generation Z will be the main workforce by 2030 in business centers throughout the world. These individuals have grown up with the concept of environmental sustainability along with diversity and new ideas in business and industry. Many countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, China, and Thailand along with the US, Canada, and European nations encourage environmental sustainability. This is important in the construction of new buildings and how offices are designed. The goal is to lower the carbon footprint and take advantage of natural surroundings.

Many highly trained people value ethical considerations involving business operations. They may want to feel part of a business environment that provides attractive and comfortable work conditions. They may also expect a more honest assessment of the supply chain in corporations and other businesses where they are employed.

Many young people will establish their own companies in compliance with ESG standards. This includes the most economically sustainable use of energy and water. They will make decisions on office design, communications, and work arrangements. They will likely require the most efficient use of office space to “go green” and receive high ESG ratings.

The layout or space management of an office is one of the most important aspects of a successful business. How space is used by people in the office affects communications and productivity. This includes the best placement for information technology access for employees, meeting rooms, recreational areas, air conditioning, and heating. Modern offices that are environmentally sensitive also make use of recycled furniture and other items that can be repurposed. 

How Komstadt Systems Helps Space Management

Komstadt Systems offers a complete range of workplace solutions based on intelligence, collaboration, and infrastructure. The company specializes in IT and audio-visual technology as well as efficient office design throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

They will monitor any business office including floor space, power, and water use.  This includes recommendations for the best layout for the most efficient collaboration and communication among staff members. Space management includes the use of Collaboration Booths in the newer open hybrid office design. The Collaboration Booth can transform the traditional office with more efficient coworking hubs for the best space management. In addition, the concept encourages social interaction among people for sharing ideas. 

Office Space Management

Efficient “Hot Desks” for sales and other activities are created for desk sharing in a business where employees may work shifts. Occupancy sensors monitor how many desks, telecommunications equipment, and computers are used at any time.

Komstadt Systems will arrange meeting room solutions with the best video conferencing tools and technology that is the most cost-effective. Quantitative data is used to analyze how often a conference room is used to its best advantage. This data is also used to analyze how many floors are occupied in a building and their usage; and, in turn, helping you identify ways in which your company can reduce rental property costs.

Let’s see how this can benefit your company

Komstadt Systems specializes in design, consultation, implementation, maintenance, and support for the green office environment throughout the Asia-Pacific area for multinational corporations. Contact us for a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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