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A few years ago, Cisco surprised the tech-community with their impressive and affordable Cisco TelePresence Sx10 Quickset. At that point, Cisco was already one of the dominating forces within the conference-technology industry. What surprised many was the value of the product. Cisco had been successfully selling premium products at premium prices. The Cisco TelePresence Sx10 Quickset was not only elegantly simple and well-made, it was also surprisingly affordable. Enter the Cisco TelePresence Sx20 Quickset with a mysteriously similar name. How do the two products compare? What are their capabilities? Here is a brief breakdown of the two products and how they compare to one and other.

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The Cisco TelePresence Sx10 Quickset

This all-in-one powered device was designed to convert any flat-panel display into a medium for Cisco’s award-winning video-conference technology. With the back-end management and user-friendly simplicity, Cisco is known for, the system relies on either the Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) or the Cisco Telepresence Video Communications Server (VCS) infrastructure to operate. The installation is basic with the entire package consisting of the Sx10 Codec with integrated HD camera and microphone and the remote control cables. This system is designed for a medium-sized room with up to five participants. The video and content resolution is 1080p30 + 1080p5, with a maximum bandwidth of 3 Mbps. The video quality is impressive but one small setback is that the system is reliant upon the display-panel for audio output so the sound quality relies on that of the display panel rather than the product.


The Cisco TelePresence Sx20 Quickset

With a similar function to that of the Cisco Sx10 Quickset, the Cisco TelePresence Sx20 Quickset comes with some distinct improvements. The system is comprised of the Sx20 Codec Precision Camera, table microphone 20, remote control cables and a power supply. The precision camera comes with a 2.5x, 4x, 12x zooms, a noticeable improvement than the integrated camera of the Cisco Sx10 Quickset (which offers only a 2.6x zoom). This is perhaps because the Cisco Sx20 Quickset is designed for larger conference rooms with up to 20 people able to participate. Other features include embedded Cisco MultiSite technology for adding up to three more participants to a call and support for switched conferencing which allows enhanced layouts and video on both screens of the dual-screen endpoints. The Sx20 Quickset also boasts 6 Mbps bandwidth and relies on the display panel for audio output.

How Do They Compare?

Both products offer a similar function of transforming a flat-panel display into a video conference portal for business meetings. Likewise, the Cisco Sx10 Quickset and the Cisco Sx20 Quickset offer similar features like support from the back-end management, remote controls and the ability to integrate other room systems like the curtains or lights into the custom controls. It is their capacity that makes them different. They were designed for different sized spaces. The Cisco Sx20 Quickset, as a result, has a superior camera with more zoom settings, twice as much bandwidth and 1080p60 resolution (compared to the 1080p30 of the Sx10 Quickset). The Cisco Sx20 Quickset also offers the important feature of multi-party conferencing. While offering the award-winning technology that made Cisco a powerhouse of the conference-technology industry, both products offer affordability and quality. In the end, when deciding between the two products, it will depend on the capacity and capabilities that are necessary for your conferences. Let’s compare Cisco SX10 vs SX20 here. For a small operation, the Cisco Sx10 would be a cost-effective option. For larger meetings, the Sx20 would be the better choice.

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