Benefits of Medical Pods for Remote Consultation

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the need and use of remote consultation medical pods have significantly increased. This solution looks to provide a diagnosis to patients without having a face-to-face consultation. This excerpt will describe what remote consultation medical pods are and their benefits. Let’s dig in, shall we?

What Are Medical Pods?

In a bid to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, Komstadt is aiming to provide convenient access to health care in a way of diagnosing patients without physical contact. With Medical Pods, patients can have remote consultations instead of physical consultations with physicians. The pods come fitted with video conferencing systems and built-in heart rate and blood pressure sensors.

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What Are The Benefits Of Remote Consultation In Medical Pods?

Remote consultation in medical pods is getting popular by the day. Tests have already started being conducted on the efficiency of this new technology on both health workers and patients. From the test runs already completed, medical pods are proving very efficient, as expounded below.

For Health Workers

Health workers are set to benefit the most from this new technology. Thanks to remote consultation medical pods, health workers enjoy the following.

1.      Reduced Delays during Consultations

In a typical hospital setting, a considerable amount of time is wasted waiting for medical consultations. Be it the minutes patients take to enter the consultation room and settle or the many distractions caused by different factors. These delays lead to time wastage. However, medical pods considerably reduce consultation waiting times.

With these pods, equipment is already set, ensuring no time wastage during the consultation. After familiarizing themselves with this technology, health providers take considerably less time during consultations.

2.      No Physical Interaction

Thanks to medical pods, there are no physical interactions between patients and health workers during the entire consultation process. With reduced exposure and physical interactions, the risk of spreading contagious diseases also lowers.

3.      Access to More Patients

Unlike regular hospital consultations where one patient has to take up an entire room, medical pods take up very tiny space. Therefore, a typical consultation room would fit up to three medical pods. Saving up space gives a chance for more patients to access health care without delays.

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Benefits on Patients

For the patients, this technology also comes with several good tidings. These benefits include:

1.      Easy Access to Medical Services

Patients don’t have to travel to bigger hospitals to access specialists. Medical pods are easy to establish in community health centers. Since these pods are easy to assemble and maintain, big hospitals can now delocalize their services and attend to people who need them the most.

Medical pods will help get people who cannot travel to hospitals to get specialized care near them.

2.      Medical Pods are Flexible

Unlike hospitals, medical pods are mobile. Thus, they can be relocated when the need arises. This makes them suitable in cases of medical emergencies in communities.

3.      Anonymity and Privacy

Remote consultation pods are built to ensure privacy and anonymity between patients and health providers. The pods allow the patients to present their diagnosis without worrying about their diagnosis getting leaked.

With the rising need to decentralize health access to reach more people, medical pods look like the most suitable way forward. Komstadt is focused on bringing this dream closer through our Medical Pods Solution.

Are you ready to revolutionize the health sector through our medical pods and enjoy these benefits? Contact us today for more information.

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