Workplace Transformation Post COVID-19


Workplace Transformation in 2020

With the global impact of the Covid-19, the workplace transformation applies to business all around the world. Since the social distancing measures taken, the employees worked in offices are now transferred to work from home. The need for greater office space has now been shifted to the need for greater communication facilities.

Employers need to reconsider their original business decision, in order to balance the investment of human source, business plans and technologies for maximizing the profit of business. In the mean time, you should also need to focus on fostering collaboration through simplification and agility.

9 Biggest Changes Coming To Our Workplace

1. More Practice Of Work From Home

With the increased number of employees working from home during this pandemic, you would see that many businesses may continue to opt for employees to work from home, even post Covid-19, as many business functions can actually be accomplished from remote workstations or mobile devices. Here are some advantages of work from home:

1a. Increased Staff Motivation And Productivity


Some study found that working from home not only benefits employees by eliminating their daily commutes, it also increases productivity and leads to healthier lifestyles. It’s a win-win situation that workers relish for its flexibility.

1b. Financial Benefits To Business


Companies can significantly reduce rental space even if it means that they may need to invest slightly more on quality conferencing solutions for the work from home employees. According to Global Workplace Analytics, employers can actually save over $11,000 per half-time telecommuter per year.

1c. Improved Employee Retention

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Employees who work from home become more engaged in job tasks since they feel trusted, and valued. Furthermore, engaged employees are fundamentally happier, and happy emotion brings employees perform well which translates into stronger retention and higher profitability to companies.

2. Develop and Implement A Temperature Screening Protocol

The screening process should be specific and easy to follow. Employers should define the meaning of “fever” for purposes of sending the employee home. Furthermore, employers should also consider the process for screening a large number of employees at one time, and the contingency plan for screener doesn’t work.

3. Implement Proximity Measures To Enable Better Social Distancing

In order to encourage better hygiene, everyone should keep at least 6 feet social distancing. Employers should provide spaced desks, and also clear visual signals, for example a circle embedded in the carpeting around each desk to ensure people keep 6 feet distance.

4. Use Of Masks & Face Covering For The Workplace

For the employees who are unable to work remotely may request to be permitted to wear, or be provided with masks in an effort to reduce the spread of virus. This policy would help lessen the anxiety felt by employees and allow the use of masks as an additional protection.

5. Touchless Entry To Minimize Hand Contact And The Transfer Of Germs

When employees entering their office, they should not need to touch anything other than their own personal electronic device. They shouldn’t need to interact with the time clock and handles on doors that would previously have been necessary for entry. Using touchless facilities and devices are absolutely the effective ways to reduce the chance of transferring germs.

6. Provide Self-Cleansing Stations For Employees

Employers should encourage their employees to disinfect frequently and provide cleaning stations with supplies (such as hand sanitizers & wipes, cleaning sprays, and paper towels) to pre- and post-clean the working space.

7. Less Social Events

Everyone should minimize the congregation of employers at workplace, such as town hall meeting and happy hour activities.

Click the image below to download Guidelines for the Workplace – Post COVID-19.

workplace post covid-19

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