How to Relocate Your Office While Retaining Customers


There are so many reasons why you may want to relocate your office. Maybe business has been booming and you need more space to accommodate your operations or you just want to move to a better location. Whatever the reason for your relocation, it is vital that you do it professionally. One of the greatest risks of relocating your office is losing your walk-in customers but you can always retain them with the following tips.

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Give a 30 day notice

Because you receive clients in your current office, you could start by notifying them about the on coming shift. You can post it on the notice board or convey the information through communicating with them directly via phone or email. Note that for this to work, you need to keep on reminding your customers about the expected changes because human beings are prone to forget. On your notice, ensure that you include your new location details and the specific date when your current office will stop being functional which brings us to the next point.

Don’t shut down abruptly

Even if your new office is ready to function, it is advisable to keep the old one open for a while depending on the amount of traffic you receive. That way, you should be able to redirect new customers who never got to learn about the shift. That is why, you will find that most offices that change their location will have a notice on their old office door even if the doors stay closed. During that time, you will have to cater for the rent or else the notice will be brought down.

Fully set up your new office first

Some people are usually in a hurry to the extent that they will want to serve their customers before making their new office suitable for business. One thing they don’t know is that clients can lose confidence in you if they sense any form of disorganization. That is why it is imperative that you get everything installed in your new premises before launching your operations. From furniture to computers and even stationery, everything has to be ready. This should also make it easy for you to get things running much faster.

Get a reliable Tech. company for installations

Any office setting in this century must have IT equipment and transferring them from your old location can be more work than you would expect. Don’t forget that your computers and other technological resource that you have must be well integrated before you can adequately serve your customers. To save time, you can always get a professional IT and AV installation company to prevent further delays and complications with regards to your operations. You may need to have a different set up from your old office and that is where you will see the need of letting the professionals work on your IT and AV setup.

Consider running a campaign or promo

Now that you are in a new location, one of your main tasks is to attract more customers once again. You therefore have the need to reach out while at the same time, advertising your new location. This should be an effective way to gain new customers while putting out word for old existing ones who never got the memo.


The most tricky part of relocating your office is setting up your IT and AV equipment because furniture and other office equipment can simply be placed at the preferred location. As for your IT and AV installation, the process involves a lot of technicalities making the task impossible if you lack the skills. If you ever find yourself in such a situation quickly contact us for professional IT and AV installation services.

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