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COVID-19 has forever changed how the world conducts business. There is still the expectation for the use of professional, convenient, modern technology, with the added requirement of unsurpassed safety for users and viewers. AirMedia’s cutting-edge touchless collaboration technologies combine a powerful experience with ease of use and ultimate safety for everyone.


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1. Importance of Touchless Collaboration

As business continue to reopen and learn how to adapt to COVID-19, the need to learn the art of conducting business with zero to minimal contact is no longer a suggestion but a requirement as safety is the priority. The incorporation of touchless collaboration technologies puts your employees, clients, and investors at ease; allowing your company to keep a competitive edge in the industry.


2. Advantages of AirMedia

AirMedia is a leader in touchless collaboration. Their innovative technology makes it easy and safe to share content from any device to anywhere in the world. There are the benefits users can expect from AirMedia.


2a. Unsurpassed safety

The need for exceptional hygiene within the workplace has never been more important than it is now. Nothing is less hygienic than multiple people touching the same device as you rotate through presentations. AirMedia operates seamlessly without the need for a parade of attendees to touch the device. Simply connect to the wireless network at the comfort of your own device as AirMedia is compatible with a wide range of the most popular OS, including Apple iOS, macOS, Android, Windows OS, and Chrome OS. Feel free to have as many people as you want share information without worrying about having to sanitize the device after each use or worse, sharing germs. Not only that, the decluttering of wires also gives your conference room a smart and professional look.

The ability to integrate with AirMedia products allows users the option of wired presentation and content sharing.


2b. Elevate User Experience

If only every meeting was this easy. AirMedia allows users to change the on-screen display nearly instantly. For instance, you can change between presentations and data in a split second to keep the meeting moving along. One less thing to worry about in a busy run-down. Or you can optimize collaboration by screen-sharing with two devices via Canvas Mode. No more head-bumping while hovering over a laptop screen. It doesn’t have to be all business. Their device is great for facilitating office camaraderie, or freeing your mind for higher productivity, as it can also flip to an Xbox game during lunch hour or break.


2c. Consistently Great Looking Content

The last thing you want is for your files to not be presented in its full graphics and formatting. Users can be rest assured that their content will look great from any device. With the Airplay Mirroring feature, AirMedia automatically adjusts the layout to perfectly fit the screen based on where the content came from – adding consistency while building credibility and reputation for the presenter and company.


2d. No Programming

There is no need to spend hours programming AirMedia to sync with multiple devices. This hands-free technology is easy to set up and use right off the bat – well-suited for non-technical users.


3. How Does AirMedia Work?

AirMedia is as easy to use as it is to set up. To get started, simply follow the on-screen instructions to connect to any device.


3a. Switching Between Devices

When it comes time to give the floor to another presenter, it is a breeze to switch between devices using any of the 12 inputs. And in cases of broken WiFi/Bluetooth connection, you can still carry on with your presentation using wired connection. AirMedia provides top-notch usability for whichever device you need, whenever you need.


3b. Total Control

AirMedia integrates with Crestron touch screens along with other technologies to create a comprehensive experience, all the while users get complete control. Manage the display as needed and control whose content to share and when it should be shared. No programming is required.


3c. Easy Deployment

Whether you have one AirMedia device or hundreds, you can easily deploy all of them simultaneously. This scalable technology works great off of secure corporate networks, guest networks, or even direct connect. Thanks to the Crestron XiO Cloud loT-based platform, management is streamlined – optimizing automated operations so you can save time to achieve higher potentials.


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