Wireless Presentation Systems Make Business Collaboration Easy

Barco Clickshare

Are you frustrated with juggling devices during your presentation or looking for a way to keep everyone on the “same page”? If so, it’s time to step up your presentations to the next level. You can get started by using ClickShare, the wireless presentation system that countless office teams use to get work done and share ideas.

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The way people work together and share content is undergoing an incredible transformation, from the office to the board room. ClickShare is so easy to use and intuitive, it will become your “go to” for every meeting. Because it’s so easy to use, there’s no training required.  Just click the button plugged into your USB port and share to display graphics, videos and audio information directly from a device’s screen.

ClickShare can also make impromptu collaboration easy. Need some input from another department on your marketing campaigns? Want feedback on the newest video or social media graphics? Want to hold a meeting to learn discuss the latest customer feedback? Sure, there’s always time for a quick meeting to get input. ClickShare eliminates the need for long set-ups before a meeting. No matter which device your team members work from, they can share directly from the device they’re using. Easily switch between team members’ laptops and their other devices, such as an iPad or iPhone. Connect the Button to share from a laptop or use the free ClickShare app for mobile devices, which is available for both Android and iOS.

Want more information about using a wireless presentation system?  Do you want to know if ClickShare is right for your office? Please get in touch or feel free to check out some of our other blog articles. Meanwhile, you can also download our guide to increase workplace efficiency.

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